Expert Answers

Expert Answers

We totally transformed and streamlined the conversion process for the Expert Answers site. They loved the work so much that they asked us to re-design their whole site with conversion best-practice, and design consistency in mind.

Their proposition was a difficult one to quickly get across to visitors – you paid an online solicitor to answer your legal question, but YOU put a price on the answer; the premise being you could still save £100s on solicitor fees. A very different business model where users could get a question answered for as little as £10 or £20, but were relying on people’s good nature to put  fair value on receiving the legal answer from a qualified solicitor.

It was a very difficult proposition to get across, and to get across very quickly because most people had a) never used an online solicitor before, and b) they’d probably never before in their life been able to decide themselves what they would pay for that legal advice!


What We Did:

  • They were experiencing large dropouts in conversion process, so we streamlined their conversion funnel down from 6 pages to 2.
  • We did this by totally transforming the way in which the conversion process worked by stripping out anything unnecessary.
  • Introducing sliders and dropdown menus to help speed up the conversion process.
  • Very clear and easy design was created to make the difficult proposition as simple a conversion process as possible.
  • We pushed the main benefits, and instilled confidence with testimonials and by pushing their 100% money back guarantee.
  • Introduced very clear call-to-actions and implemented best-practice CRO.
  • We changed their home page and other key landing pages completely to try and explain the process as easily as possible using imagery, and a short step-by-step explanation of the service.
  • We improved their overall site user experience by ‘thinking as a customer’ and identified information that was missing [such as Testimonials, FAQs, examples questions etc].
  • We identified the barriers to conversion and looked to turn any negatives into positives and to try explain the proposition clearly and succinctly.
  • We also recommended an Explainer video, but budget didn’t allow and is still sadly lacking from the site [as of May 2014] as we still strongly feel it would help users understand the proposition better and instil confidence in the company.

The site is now controlled by the client, and has gone through some design and layout changes over the years, but still contains the vast majority of the work – of which we’re still immensely proud of!



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January 8, 2012

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