About Us

We’re Ice Digital. We do things a bit different to other digital agencies.

Proud Company of One

The default digital agency equation of More = Better isn’t working.

We’re a company of one because we favour a more personal approach to how we do digital marketing.

Instead, we collaborate with a range of specialist agencies and freelancers to meet the specific needs (and budget) of your project. This means we can provide digital agency quality, at a lower cost to you.

Together = Better. Let’s change the way we do business – together!


Benefits of Working With Us

Being a company of one comes with many benefits for both of us – here’s why we think you should work with us.

Personal Approach

We favour a more personal approach to digital marketing. We start with getting to know you and your business. It’s not rocket science!

Expertise Has No Bounds

Our expertise is not restricted to within our company. We piece together the specialist partners required for every project.


Our structure means we’re a lean, mean marketing machine. Specialist external partners help us move fast.

Agency Quality. Lower Price

We can provide digital agency quality, at a lower cost. Less overheads means cost savings are passed onto our clients.

One Account Manager

Instead of having a different account manager for each service, you have one single account manager who knows your project inside-out.

We Love What We Do

We love what we do, and we’re extremely good at what we do. Simple as that!

Bespoke Working Practices

Other agencies have the same working methods for each client. We can tailor ourselves to suit what’s best for your business – and not the other way around!

Results Focused

Digital marketing is just the ways and means of getting sales and leads – some agencies forget that! We simply help you grow your business and be successful.



Let's Discuss Your Project

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