Search Engine Watch – But Maybe Not Able To Read

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One of the very many sites that I follow and receive email newsletters from is

Receiving newsletters on a nigh-on daily basis from them is invaluable, and you should really sign up to it now.  However, because I do receive newsletters directly to my inbox it makes me lazy that I never visit their site.  If I do see an article that takes my interest I’ll always click-through to the article page, read it, get the hell out, and go back to my emails.

Well, I’ve just remembered why!

I just hate their homepage with a passion.  If ever there was a page where I’d scroll up several times and still not remember a single article name AND have blindness to the entire page, it’s this one. Not great when the thing that most sticks out is an Amazon Product Ad.

Not good guys, you need to sort it out!  Keep the newsletters coming though…


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On April 17, 2014

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