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Ice is back with a brand new invention!

In 1989, the rap artist Vanilla Ice sampled the bassline of Queen’s ‘Under Pressure’ for a b-side track (remember them?) to his debut single ‘Play That Funky Music‘.

He took Queen’s killer baseline riff and added his (very) unique rap style and lyrics. A DJ began playing the b-side track and to make a long story short the song was soon released as its own single – with ‘Ice Ice Baby‘ becoming a worldwide hit including a US and UK #1.

So what’s it got to do with digital marketing? Great question.

In simplest terms, the song took something that worked elsewhere from legends in the music business, he then made it unique by writing his own style of rap lyrics (he is a lyrical poet after-all) and the song was a massive hit.

In digital marketing there’s TONS of online resources from digital marketing experts that can help you – and now the crucial part – but most businesses still really struggle to apply it to their own site and their own digital marketing to make it a massive hit.

So let’s remove that obstacle, and let’s make the advice unique to YOU!

  • The session itself takes place on a screen share via, and lasts no longer than 30 minutes
  • This free session gives you actionable insight unique to YOUR website and YOUR digital marketing strategy
  • The aim is to give you actions that you can implement yourself, straight after your session
  • YOU pick the 3 main digital marketing issues you want to discuss and need advice on

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